The Turkish Olympic Committee (TOC) submitted its National Action Plan (NAP).

The Turkish Olympic Committee (TOC) is a partner of the Erasmus+ project “Guidance to Achieve More Equal leadership in Sport” (GAMES).

Within the GAMES’ project framework, the TOC has developed a National Actions Plan to promote gender equality in leadership positions which has been informed by the GAMES’ Pool of Actions, as well as from the national trends that emerged in the GAMES baseline study. 

The National Actions Plan is a strategic document which includes the NOC’s objectives and relevant actions to reach set objectives whilst also addressing targeted actions for member organisations to improve gender equality in leadership positions. In other words, the National actions plan includes a roadmap for setting up concrete strategies including tangible actions and measurable timelines to improve gender equality in the leadership of the NOC whilst also including ad-hoc actions to encourage member federations of the NOC to boost gender equality in leadership and decision-making positions. 

TOC’s National Actions Plan focuses on our vision is to create a future where women will be well represented at all levels of our organization and advanced to leadership positions.  With this Action Plan, we put forward how we proceed with the task and hand, how we plan to encourage and offer guidance to the National Federations in that direction.

We have 5 objectives in this Action Plan:

- Achieving Gender Parity within our organization,
- Setting Term Limits for those in decision making positions,
- Monitoring & Reporting the developments,
- Provide diversity training for all involved, from the Executive Board to the staff, 
- Encourage and guide national federations to do the same in their own organizations. 

We target a minimum of 40 percent female representation at the Executive Board, Commissions, Committees and Employees, where we will strive for a 30 percent representation for the members of the General Assembly. 

We are introducing a maximum of 3 terms of 4 years for the 

- President,
- Executive Board Members,
- Commission Chairs, and
- Committee Chairs

All term served up to 2025, will be counted as 1 term. 

We will implement annual systematic monitoring and reporting of the progress, including ongoing initiatives towards gender equality, to follow-up and see that the objectives are met. We will also communicate it with the NFs, and other stakeholders.

We will provide training on gender equality and diversity to the members of our Executive Board, Commission and Committee as well as our employees. 

We will procure services from either the universities, or some expert NGOs, for the development of the training programmes. 

As the TOC is not an umbrella organization over the National Federations, we plan to encourage and offer guidance to them, on achieving gender balance in their organizational structure, employees, their technical staff including coaches, referees, team physicians, physiotherapists, etc. 

We will also offer them to make use of our own training and leadership development programmes through seminars and workshops. 

With our external suppliers, we will prepare and deliver empowerment and training programs for the Executive Board, Commissions, and Committee member, staff, and women with the potential to become candidates for election in the future. We will offer to implement the leadership development programs with NFs, while we monitor progress, and provide ongoing support. 

Hence, TOC is going to start implementing the National Actions Plan in the near future. In the meantime, TOC is foreseeing organising the National Launching Event on the 22 November 2023.

Stay tuned with the progress of the project via the GAMES website and the Twitter account!
Background information on GAMES project.

The GAMES project is a 24-month project co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Sport Programme 2021 and coordinated by the EOC EU Office. It promotes integrity and good governance in sports by advocating for structural and cultural changes regarding gender equality in leadership and decision-making positions among NOCs and their member federations. The EOC EU Office is implementing GAMES together with 8 NOCs (Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, North Macedonia and Turkey) and renowned experts in the field of gender equality and good governance, including Professor Emerita Kari Fasting from Equal Rights in Sports and I TRUST Sport. Furthermore, the GAMES project is supported by the International Olympic Committee. 
Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or EACEA. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

2023 Olympic Solidarity and NOC Services Annual Report ( mentions #GAMES and its value in supporting @teambelgium in setting up a National Action Plan and a Gender Equality Commission to boost gender equality and women’s participation in sports”

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