The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) is pleased to be a partner in the new Erasmus+ Project named “Guidance to Achieve More Equal leadership in Sport” (GAMES).

The DOSB is the non-governmental umbrella organization of German sport and counts more than 27 million memberships in about 90.000 sports clubs. The DOSB has 101 member organizations, including 16 regional sports confederations, 66 national federations and 19 sport associations with particular tasks. The DOSB serves as a platform of consultation and advice, providing services to its member associations which are independent in terms of organization, financing and specialization, and represents their interests vis-à-vis the institutions of the European Union, of the Federation, the federal states and municipalities in Germany as well as the churches and all socio-political and cultural areas.

The DOSB supports all dimensions of diversity, follows the idea of “sport for all”, advocates sustainability and promotes volunteerism. The DOSB aims at fostering a modern and humane top-level sport and wants to contribute its part to international understanding and peace by means of cooperation. Accordingly, the DOSB supports and promotes gender equality in a number of ways. The focus is the promotion of girls and women. Fields of activity are the protection against violence, gender equality in leading positions, equal portrayal by the media and the advancement of female coaches. Therefore, the DOSB established, among other things, a gender quota of 30 per cent for its executive committees and a mentoring programme for former sportswomen. The DOSB conducts honours for exemplary gender equality efforts and to support the equality of other genders.
Within the GAMES project, the DOSB will be responsible for developing its tailor-made Action Plans to improve gender equality in the leadership within their NOCs according to the results that emerged from the baseline analysis and including the most relevant practices/actions identified within the Global Pool of Actions. Accordingly, DOSB will be responsible for organising a National Launching Event with the purpose of presenting its tailor-made Action Plan, as well as further reviewing its feasibility and receptivity among relevant sports stakeholders at the national and regional levels (i.e national federations, sports clubs…). Hence, during the design of the Action Plans and National Launching Event, DOSB is expected to take part in a series of peer-learning activities among partners NOCs that aim to promote the sharing of knowledge, best practices and lessons learnt meanwhile addressing future joint strategies on gender equality between NOCs and relevant national/regional stakeholders (i.e national federations, sports clubs…).

GAMES is a 24-month project, which focuses to improve gender equality in the key leadership and decision-making positions of the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) by promoting structural changes in their governance, enhancing the understanding of the existing cultural barriers and encouraging the NOCs to work with their member federations to create a sustainable change.

Under the guidance of the project coordinator - the EOC EU Office – DOSB is going to implement the GAMES project together with 7 other NOCs (Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, North Macedonia and Turkey), and renowned experts in the field of gender equality and good governance, including Professor Emerita Kari Fasting from Equal Rights in Sport and I TRUST Sport. Furthermore, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will also act as a key player in terms of promoting and disseminating the project deliverables across all NOCs worldwide.

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2023 Olympic Solidarity and NOC Services Annual Report ( mentions #GAMES and its value in supporting @teambelgium in setting up a National Action Plan and a Gender Equality Commission to boost gender equality and women’s participation in sports”

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